Zero Percent Finance Offers Available On New Cars

New car buyers in the UK can take advantage of some great offers that feature zero percent financing. With the VAT increase and rising interest rates, saving money on car finance provides some needed relief. Cars featuring zero percent financing range from small to regular sized sedans, giving consumers in the market for a car some decent choices.

The Ford Focus can currently be obtained for £199 per month with zero percent APR under a hire purchase agreement featuring 36 payments. With a deposit of £5,650, consumers could drive away in the three-door 1.6 Zetec S model.

Higher-level models are available with a £5,200 to £7,242 deposit and £216 to £299 monthly payment.

A new Honda Civic with zero percent APR requires a £4,495 deposit and 24 monthly payments of £350. This is an excellent car for the money, due to its well-known reliability, focus on safety, great handling, and multiple features.

This small family vehicle is perfect for anyone seeking practical car that has a great re-sale value and many satisfied customers.

The Volkswagen Golf Plus is a bit larger than the regular Golf so it is roomy enough to fit a family. The hire purchase agreement for this vehicle is 36 payments of £259 with zero percent APR. A deposit of £6,251 may seem a bit high but is fair, considering that the list price for this vehicle begins at £16,830.

Like the other two automakers, Volkswagen has a long-standing reputation for quality automobiles.

Other zero percent car finance offers are available for the Renault Clio, Mazda 5, and Honda Insight. The popular Renault Megane is also currently covered under a zero percent finance offer. Before making a new car purchase, learn more about these cars and the excellent deals available because the financing offers may enable you to afford more car than expected.