Your Car Finance Questions Answered

How can I get a car loan with poor credit? If you have been thinking about purchasing a new or a used car and are searching for car loan options that cater to poor credit borrowers, then a little research would be necessary.
Does a good credit score help you get a good car loan? Banks and lenders would want to know the current credit scores and the credit history of any applicant before they decide to provide a loan to anyone. But does having good credit scores really help a case?
How can I get out of a car loan that is currently over under? An over under car loan is basically a loan where the balance that you still owe to the lender is more than the current value of your car.
How do car loans in the UK work? A majority of people in UK are of modest means and would rather prefer to apply for a car loan.Read more
How do I get out of a bad car loan deal? Bad car deals mostly refer to car loans with very high interest rates. Quite a lot of people do not think twice before taking a loan and simply go for the showroom or dealership provided car loan.
How easy is it to trade in a car? There are several online websites today where you will be able to trade in cars quite easily.These websites would have potential buyers from all over the world..
How much money per year would one need to earn to get a reasonable car loan? UK applicants who are on a fixed or a salary income would normally be worried about handling all of their expenses. Budgeting would be very necessary for them.
Is it cheaper to buy a car with a loan from a bank or the dealer? You can either secure the finance directly from the car dealer or you can take the loan from a bank. Read more
Is it fraud to obtain a car loan using a company you no longer own? With the current economic problems, getting a car loan has become even more difficult. While in the past there had been several sub prime car loan companies.Learn more…
UK car loan company for people who are on Benefits? Those who are physically challenged and are on benefits in UK will have to face a few problems when thinking about taking a car loan.
What credit score would they refuse a car loan? When a borrower applies for a car loan with a bank or a financial institution, a credit check would be done to find out the credit score and the credit history of the applicant.
What happens if I sell car or other product before repaying loan? If you have taken a car loan or any other product loan and have not yet repaid it in full, you would not have the full ownership of the product if it is a secured loan.
What is a bad credit car loan in the UK If you have been thinking about applying for a car loan, then you should know that there are special bad credit car loans that are offered by a few financial companies
What is the cheapest bank rate for a car loan in Ireland? In Ireland, borrowers will have plenty of options available which can make it even more difficult to find the right car loan.
Where can I find the best car finance loans in the UK When it comes to car finance loans in UK, you would want to ensure that you get the best possible finance deal in the market.
Where is the best place to get a £2000 loan for a little car There are a large number of car loan companies, banks and online financial companies that offer various types of car loan options to borrowers.
Will I get a car loan in this economic climate? The consumer finance industry too has gone through a great many changes. Several applicants have noticed that they face more difficulties when they apply for any type of loan.
Will I lose my car when my ex files Bankruptcy? If your ex-spouse is planning to file for bankruptcy, then some of your assets, including your car, may be in danger of getting repossessed.
Can a logbook loans company get the car back if I sell it? Car logbook loans are currently very popular with the bad credit borrowers since they are hassle free and easy to get qualified for.