Winter Car Maintenance Tips Protecting Your Vehicle This Winter

The past two winters in Britain have been notably bad, causing UK drivers to be more aware of winter driving. Weather forecasts indicate that this winter will be an icy and snowy one, a major concern for people with car loans. Their car finance is expensive enough- the last thing they want is a costly vehicle repair due to a winter driving accident.

According to experts, a large number of UK drivers are looking online for advice on safe driving in winter weather. Winter tires are one especially confusing topic, with many drivers thinking these are studded and can be used in the snow. Winter tires are different from snow tires- they provide increased traction during cold weather. Knowing that these tires are expensive, drivers are worried about the added cost.

As many as 98 percent of drivers do not change from summer to winter tires each year. Road safety experts find this practice very concerning and caution against it. Drivers with car finance in particular should make a point to protect their auto with winter tires. This can prevent the need to pay for accident repairs in addition to their monthly car loan payment.

Winter tires are recommended for use between October and April. To prevent destabilization, all four wheels should be equipped with these tires. Since it is easy to find winter tires, comparison shopping helps drivers save money. However, safety should always be the top priority, not cost, because lives are more precious than dollars.

Drivers who are unfamiliar with these winter tires should inquire at their car dealership or a tire shop. They should have reliable winter tires installed on their car long before the first snowfall arrives. This equipment and safe driving habits can help prevent a winter automobile accident, saving money and preventing injuries.