When Buying A New Car, Consider Where To Put It

Before they purchased that new car for Christmas, consumers probably determined where it would be stored. Surprising results from an RAC Foundation study revealed that just one-fifth of cars in Britain are stored in a garage.

Ten million British households have access to a garage but seem to be using it for other things.

Over the past ten years, the proportion of vehicles parked in a garage has declined by about one-third. These days, about half of British cars are left in the driveway and one-quarter are parked on a street.

This leaves the automobiles exposed to weather conditions and makes them more likely candidates for vandalism or theft. Where drivers park their cars can affect their car insurance premium so it is an important consideration.

There are several reasons that so many cars are being left out in the cold. Many homeowners use their garage to store other belongings like yard equipment or non-seasonal items.

Some modern cars are too wide and long to fit into an older garage. These cars are also more secure, rust-resistant, and reliable, leading many owners to consider it practical and safe to store them outside the house.

A greater number of households own multiple vehicles. In addition to two or more car loans, homeowners may not have enough space in the garage for all cars.

Some people have converted their garage into livable space like a bedroom or recreation room, so this area can no longer store an automobile.

As some Christmas presents find a home in the garage, the family car may be left outdoors. Though modern cars are more reliable, extreme weather conditions are keeping breakdown companies busy with home-starting.

RAC advises car owners to reconsider the use of their garage because assuming that a vehicle parked in the driveway will start is a mistake.