Welcome car finance for uk residents

Welcome Car Finance has been quite popular for many years with people in the UK for car loans. The company has been providing several different types of car finance and loans to people with all types of credit history.

welcome car finance picOver the years, it has been quite successful in its operations and had been known for its easy and convenient loan criteria. The loans provided by the company had been very well-known with those who have been often rejected by the traditional banks and financial companies.

Types of Welcome Car Finance options

The company offers a few good finance options to its borrowers which have been designed according to the needs of the present day borrowers. Borrowers today are looking for loans that are quick, convenient and that do not take much time for processing. Welcome Car Finance offers several different types of car finance options to borrowers.  Some of them are:

Unsecured personal loans by Welcome Car Finance were provided with minimum requirements to borrowers. There are no collateral or security requirements. However, the company only provides a lower loan amount as an unsecured personal loan.

These loans are quicker and more convenient than the secured loans and many people prefer these more than the other finance options. The unsecured personal loans are however, not offered to all borrowers and the interest rates on these loans is higher than the other loans.

Secured car finance

For those who require a larger amount of money for their car needs, Welcome Car Finance also provides secured car finance. The secured loans are higher in amount and have more flexible term and installment options. The interest rates offered on these loans are quite low. The security that has to be provided on these loans can be your car itself or your home. These loans are more suitable for those who require a larger amount.

Welcome Car Finance currently

As of now, Welcome Car Finance has stopped the operation of their retail car finance. The company no longer takes on any new applications for car loans. However, it still provides small sized cash loans which are provided through Shopacheck Financial Services, which is a sister concern of the company. For the existing customers of the company, Welcome Car Finance still handles all their queries and their accounts.

Welcome Car Finance had gained much popularity and there are still thousands of customers that still have their accounts with the company. However, it no longer accepts any new applications for loans.