Vauxhall car finance for people with bad credit

Vauxhall is a car giant which has been offering its services in the UK since 1903. Since over a century, it has been offering a great motoring experience to its customers and is today known as one of the most respected and biggest motoring brand.Vauxhall car finance pic

If you are interested in purchasing a new Vauxhall and are looking for various car finance options to finance it, then you would be able to arrange for car credit directly from Vauxhall. The company offers plenty of great finance options.

Hire purchase poor credit

All of the car credit options, auto loans that are offered by Vauxhall are provided by GMAC UK. Hire purchase is one of the options offered by Vauxhall. You would be paying off the cost of your new car with monthly repayments.

The payment that you would have to make each month would depend on the deposit that you would pay, the contract term, the price of the car and other related factors.

If all the payments are made regularly, the car would be yours at the end of the contract term. This is a simple way to finance a new Vauxhall.

Personal Contract Plan

Vauxhall also offers personal contract plans as a car credit option. You would have to make a deposit at the beginning of the contract and then monthly payments for the term of the agreement. At the end of the term, you can make a final to get ownership of the new car.

You can also exchange the car if you want with another one by paying off any differences in the deposit that has to be made for the new car. Vauxhall also presents a third option to you. You can simply return back the car in good condition and you would not have to pay any final settlement amount.

Vauxhall Pay monthly plan

Pay monthly is the personal contract hire plan offered by Vauxhall. You would be paying a modest payment at the beginning of the term. The monthly payments can be tailored as per your budget and the type of car that you are purchasing. The pay monthly plans are offered by the company for terms from 2 years to 4 years. You would have no concerns about disposal.

O% car finance

Vauxhall also offers a very attractive 0% car finance option. The plan is offered for up to 4 years. This plan is mainly for those who want to purchase a car but want to spread their payments over a longer period of time. With this plan, you would have to pay 0% APR which would automatically reduce your instalments. Of course, this plan is only available for a select car models.

Vauxhall also offers a few other great savings programs like Scrappage and Swappage. With both of these plans you would be able to enjoy the benefits of savings. However, there are terms and conditions which apply to these plans and you would need to qualify for them.