UK Now Has Vehicle Recharging Stations Powered By Sun

Rising fuel prices have caused some UK car buyers to go green by purchasing electric vehicles. They can now be even more eco-friendly by using the new public car recharging stations that run on sun power.

Before applying for car loans for gas guzzlers, UK residents should consider an electric car because it can make a financial and environmental difference.

In Rainham Essex, the eTap facility contains parking and recharging stations for as many as six cars simultaneously. This spot is located at the Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence, under a canopy of solar panels.

Designed by Harlow-based Use The Sun, the facility combines solar panel technology with e-volt charging equipment created by APT Technologies.

The result is a steel canopy featuring 45 photovoltaic panels with a total maximum output of 9.9 kilowatts, ideal for car parks and public places. At the beginning of July, Transport Minister Norman Baker cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony for eTap.

The facility has a standard rate of £1 to connect and a 63p fee per hour. This robust solution is easy for any electric car owner to use while in town.

Use The Sun Managing Director Charles Montlake said the canopies are perfect for locations where drivers park for more than one hour. Restaurants, cinemas, hotels, pubs, and retail parks are a few examples of the best spots.

An electric car owner parks, plugs in the vehicle, runs any necessary errands, and returns to a car that has been recharged.

Getting car finance for an electric car is just as easy as the traditional process. An increasing number of electric vehicles hit the market this year, with more planned for the immediate future.

New owners of electric cars should see more facilities like eTap installed in public areas throughout the UK in coming years.