UK Drivers May Soon Be Able To Rent A BMW

High-end automaker BMW may bring its rental car program to the UK, according to What Car? Magazine. Currently available only in Munich, the program allows drivers who register with BMW to drive 3001 series vehicles within that city.

BMW is reportedly thinking about expanding the program to include Berlin and later, the UK. It would serve as a complement to the car finance programs already offered.

Drivers in Munich register with their local BMW dealer and use a mobile phone app to locate a car. Each user receives a unique identification number that is used to start the vehicle.

The 3001 series BMWs can be rented for approximately 25p per minute. In a recent article, What Car? Magazine quoted Tony Douglas, BMW marketing innovation manager, as saying that the program will soon be offered in Berlin.

Mr. Douglas was also quoted as saying a “strong possibility” exists that the program may be released in UK cities like Manchester, London, and Birmingham. The endeavor is part of a mobility services investment by BMW.

Though car finance programs like 50:50 put drivers in a new BMW at a low cost, some consumers prefer to test a model before making a purchase.

My London Way and are other mobility-related initiatives in which BMW has invested. The first enables users to view traffic camera feeds to determine the best path through the city. In the second, homeowners rent unused parking spaces on their property to other drivers.

For now, Londoners will need to travel to Munich to rent a BMW or they can make an outright purchase using deals like 50:50 car finance. As more and more automakers take advantage of technology, car rental programs like the one offered by BMW may become more common.

Renting is often a smart short-term mobility solution, especially if it involves a 3001 series BMW.