Toyota Resumes Normal Production Rate

As of June 1, Toyota reports that normal production will recommence at its European plants. Shortages created by the Japanese earthquakes and tsunami led to reduced production levels at most Toyota manufacturing facilities in Europe.

The resumption of normal production levels is happening faster than anticipated and is largely due to support from manufacturing colleagues of the automaker.

Since the devastating tsunami struck Japan in March, plants in Burnaston and Deeside are just two of the Toyota facilities that have been operating at reduced production levels. John Williams, UK managing director of Toyota, said Toyota dealer partners and consumers will be pleased by the earlier than anticipated resumption of regular production.

Toyota staff members are largely responsible for this feat.

UK residents interested in purchasing a Toyota using cash or car finance will soon experience normal delivery times for their vehicles. Many of them have submitted their names to the waiting list for a new Toyota and this wait is now over.

Plants in Poland, Turkey, and France are already back to full production.

At the Toyota plant in Flintshire at Deeside, only engines are manufactured. In Derbyshire at the Burnaston plant, the Toyota Avensis, Auris, and Auris HSD models are produced. Both the Verso and Auris

are manufactured in Turkey.

France is the location for Toyota Yaris production and its volume has been back to full capacity since May 16. As the trend continues, more consumers will find themselves receiving their new Toyotas in a faster manner.

Over the past few years, Toyota has been plagued by issues regarding its vehicles. Different models have been subjected to numerous recalls due to safety and other concerns. Having some positive news to report is a nice change that this automaker surely appreciates.

This is just one example of a general positive trend in the auto industry.