To Avoid Parking Charges Make Sunday A Day Of Rest

Increasing prices on nearly everything have caused many consumers to become alarmed. In relation to auto insurance and fuel price increases, car finance seems to only moderately risen in cost. We have not seen the end of rising prices, as many local councils plan to begin charging people to park on Sundays. This should be enough incentive for all of us to stay home and rest.

Westminster City Council handed down a vote just one week ago in favor of the charges. Manchester and Oxford have announced their intentions to introduce these charges in upcoming months. According to the Local Government Association, more councils will follow. In addition, parking charges will apply for a longer span of hours on other days.

Popular London destinations Soho, Mayfair, Oxford Street, and Regent Street fall under Westminster jurisdiction. During the next two months, charges ranging from £2.20 to £4.40 will be phased in for individuals parking between 1 and 6 PM on Sundays. During weekdays and on Saturdays, parking charges will be imposed until midnight.

The council justified its decision by saying the new policies will accommodate business, visitor, and residential parking needs. Westminster Councillor Lee Rowley stated that residents will have the ability to park near their houses and businesses will be able to deliver goods as necessary. In addition, visitors will no longer need to worry about whether parking will be available in London.

Many are still unsure whether the change is really designed to protect drivers or instead to provide funds to local councils. In the end, the reason may be irrelevant. What really matters is the financial impact on consumers who are already strapped for cash due to rising prices in almost every market sector. As it becomes increasingly expensive to use a car, many are considering selling their automobiles.