Think Twice Before Purchasing A Vehicle With Sat Nav

uk sat nav photoUK consumers use car loans to purchase vehicles with all the bells and whistles. However, they may want to think twice before agreeing to car finance for an auto with a satellite navigation (sat nav) system. A recent report from revealed that misleading directions provided by these systems have resulted in more than £203 million in damage to automobiles.

Roads in the UK can be difficult to navigate, making sat nav seem like a blessing….

However, when the system provides misleading information, car accidents may result. The issue has become such a problem that the Department of Transport will hold a Sat Nav Summit next month. Of the British drivers polled, 83 percent reported being mislead by their vehicle sat nav system.

Forty-five percent of British drivers, and more women than men, said misleading sat nav directions have left them feeling frustrated and angry, while over half admitted to screaming at their device. For 68 percent, a journey spanned more miles than necessary and 31 percent have incurred between £100 and £500 in vehicle damage related to a misleading sat nav system.

The sat nav relationship was most fragile for East Midlands drivers

Conversely only 31 percent of drivers in Northern Ireland copped to getting angry regarding incorrect directions. In Scotland, more than half of the 80 percent of drivers who claimed to receive misleading directions said they screamed at the automated device. Anger management issues were particularly bad in Aberystwyth in Wales. is requesting that British drivers register UK sat nav blackspots on its website. It hopes this will help reduce the number of related accidents in advance of pending legislation being enacted. Those who run the car insurance price comparison site believe that car finance should be the largest vehicle-related expense, not repairs due to incorrect sat nav directions.