The Subaru Forester Wins A Surprising Award

Subaru is not known for creating very attractive automobiles. In fact, some people have dubbed the all-wheel-drive Forester an “ugly duckling,” despite its recent redesign.

It may not be stylish but the 2011 Forester is now an award winner. Total magazine just named it 4×4 of the year, which may cause many people to purchase one.

Though using car finance to purchase a vehicle like the Forester may not have seemed appealing before, this recent award may cause some car buyers to think twice.

Total is one of the bestselling auto industry publications in the world. If its experts say the Forester is great, drivers should listen. The combination of practicality, driving talent, value, and quality led the judges to dub the Forester the best.

These experts commented that the Forester does great things without making a big deal about it. After reading this, car buyers may begin to see its potential.

Many may rush to secure car loans and some will get a great deal on this prior model year Forester. A little-known fact is that many drivers are already fans of this vehicle, one factor considered by the Total judges.

The 2.0 liter engine of the 2011 Forester gets 47.9 miles to the gallon, quite impressive for a 4×4. The design lines of this auto are actually much improved from prior model years, now featuring rounded corners rather than a boxy look.

With all-wheel-drive standard, drivers feel safe when navigating treacherous country roads during winter.

Whether they need good or bad credit car finance, consumers will need a loan of at least £23,070 to purchase a 2011 Subaru Forester.

Though it is more expensive than most sedans, this vehicle is actually quite a bargain, considering its many standard features.

Thanks to Total magazine, it has also been transformed from an ugly duckling into a swan.