Supermini Financing Becoming Extremely Popular

Car dealers are rolling out new supermini finance deals that are difficult to resist. The Finance and Leasing Association reports that more UK car buyers are using car finance and this is one reason way. For under £100 per month, UK residents can find themselves in a new car small enough to fit into the tightest parking spots.

Volkswagen is offering a personal contract purchase pcp plan for its supermini Polo. The plan includes a down payment of £2,815, 34 monthly payments of just £99, and a very reasonable £4,400 optional final purchase payment. Drivers who prefer a Ford can have a Fiesta for just £149 per month with a £2,180 deposit and 4.9 percent APR. The optional final payment on this little dynamo is just £4,262.

France has added the Renault Clio to the lineup. With a 5.9 percent APR, two-year personal contract purchase pcp plan, drivers pay only a £1,699 deposit and £179 monthly. The final purchase payment for this popular vehicle is just £5,950.The urban cruising Fiat Punto Evo starts at just £159 monthly with an amazingly low 1.6 percent APR and deposit of only £159.

After 41 months of car finance, Punto Evo drivers may be so in love that they want to make the relationship permanent. In this case, they need only £3,584 to settle their optional purchase payment. With fuel costs steadily rising, these little cars are nice alternatives to gas-guzzlers and low-cost financing makes them look even better.

Each of these vehicles has its own special features and drawbacks, so drivers should do their research. Volkswagens are known for delivering a solid driving experience, while the Ford Fiesta screams style. The Renault Clio is perfect for drivers who want to stand out and its Italian heritage makes the Fiat Punto Evo a fashion statement.