Sticker Shock For LEAF Electric Vehicle Batteries

According to experts, most UK drivers use car finance to purchase their vehicles. They work hard for their money and face budget constraints. However, they also generally want to do right by the environment, leading many to support green technology. Though they may be interested in driving an eco-friendly car, many are not able to foot the pricey bill for the technology it involves.

Nissan UK Senior Vice President Andy Palmer recently made an announcement that left many of these individuals in shock. He revealed that it could cost nearly £20,000 to replace the battery in the Nissan LEAF electric car. This cost is greater than the sticker price of a new diesel automobile, providing many drivers with a disincentive to going green.

Mr. Palmer explained that a lithium-ion battery containing 48 modules powers the Nissan LEAF. The cost to replace each module exceeds £400. Thus, total replacement of the battery will cost a LEAF owner between £19,000 and £20,000. The driver can purchase a new BlueMotion Volkswagen Golf at list price with that amount of money.

Nissan also recently announced that battery capacity for the LEAF will begin rapidly declining after about five years. The automaker has calculated that the driving range of the vehicle will drop to under 80 miles, from 100 miles, after five years. Another recent announcement made by Nissan clarified that degradation is not covered under the five-year warranty for the battery cell.

Many UK LEAF owners are probably seeing red, not green, right about now. Those who were considering taking car loans to purchase a LEAF may be reconsidering. Now that this information has been released, people may find themselves in a losing financial situation when they go to sell their LEAFs. The fact that resale values could be negatively affected results in bad news all around.