Steering Clear Of Potholes While Repaying UK Car Loans

If Santa Claus brought you a new car for Christmas, you must have been on the nice list. If you received a pothole-resistant automobile, you were probably very good this year.

Winter is ready to clamp down on the UK, with freezing temperatures that crack open roads. Certain cars are better able to weather these road conditions, making their car finance payments more worthwhile.

Warranty Direct recently reviewed its auto repair database and developed a list of automobiles best equipped to handle potholes in UK roads.

Each year, auto warranty companies like this one receive claims regarding vehicle suspension issues due to driving on potholed roads.

Car loans for these models seem less appealing because drivers can expect to incur pothole-related repairs.

Honda landed in the number one spot on the pothole-resistant list. Just 1.4 percent of Hondas covered by Warranty Direct packages have suffered pothole-related suspension damage.

Toyota and Hyundai bounced into second and third place, respectively, for pothole resistance. Chrysler was at the bottom of the list, with close to one in ten suffering damage like a broken suspension due to being driven over potholes.

These holes in the road mean big business for UK auto repair shops. The average bill for a vehicle repair related to pothole damage is nearly £309.

Some claims are as high as £2,500, money that drivers could spend on car finance payments. By publishing its findings, Warranty Direct may steer drivers toward pothole-resistant vehicles during the car buying process.

Duncan Mclure Fisher, a Warranty Direct spokesperson, advised car buyers to be smart when choosing a vehicle to drive on cracking UK roads.

Councils are hard at work trying to resolve the pothole issue in the UK. Until a pothole-resistant road material is discovered, drivers will need to rely on their cars to avoid the issue.