Slight Decrease In Recoveries By HPI CrushWatch

HPI CrushWatch is an online service that helps car finance companies and dealers locate illegal cars or vehicles with car finance payments that have fallen into arrears. In April, the entity received 4,668 inquiries, a 12.3 percent decrease from its activity in March.

During the month of April, police managed to recover 431 automobiles, which was 17.6 percent lower than March.

These recovered vehicles had a total value of £2,504,195. This figure was 2.7 percent lower than the March value. During April, the reclaimed car having the highest value was the Ferrari F430 Spider F1, worth £64,400. In March, this distinction was held by a £39,450 BMW X5.

Two other cars recovered in April had a value over £60,000, with the rest worth between £27,475 and £36,425 each.

Vauxhall was the top brand recovered during April. The 87 Vauxhalls found had a £350,575 combined value. Of these, 31 were Astras and this most common model secured represented a total value of £129,300. Peugeot, BMW, Volkswagen, and Ford were the other popular bands.

Congratulations goes out to the Merseyside police, the top April performers with £313,775 worth of automobiles recovered. Stathclyde and West Yorkshire police also made respectable recoveries.

HPI CrushWatch is delivered courtesy of the Vehicle Recovery Scheme of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and the Finance & Leasing Association. New arrangements drafted following a late April meeting with the ACPO permit managing agents to run the scheme. Many entities offered positive feedback for the work done by the team at ACPO responsible for vehicle recoveries.

Those who obtain a car illegally or who are behind with their car finance should beware. The new operators will be just as tough as the ACPO. There are few places folks can hide with entities like the FLA and Vehicle Recovery Scheme watching. The fast pace of vehicle recoveries is expected to continue.