Rogue Car Dealers In Rossendale England Targets Of Police

If you live near the English city of Rossendale, you have likely seen individuals attempting to sell automobiles by the roadside. Residents in Crawshawbooth have reported similar issues, causing neighborhood police to take action. Other incidents have been cited on roadways in Bacup, Whitworth, Loveclough, and Stacksteads.

The Clean Neighborhoods and Environment Act 2005 makes it illegal for a car trader to sell two automobiles within 500 meters of each other. On some roadways, several vehicles with the same contact phone number or different numbers tied to the same individual are lined up on a short stretch. The suspect vehicles, some made to appear like private sales, have been issued warning notices.

According to Pc Mick Jones, council consent is required for a vehicle to be sold roadside. A trader selling cars is not permitted to convey the appearance of a private seller. Consumers should be aware that issues exist when purchasing roadside cars because many of these vehicles are sold by traders. If the vehicle malfunctions, it may be difficult to trace the vendor. Police advise that consumers verify the mechanical condition of the auto and whether outstanding car finance exists before making a purchase.

The roadside is not the smartest place to purchase a vehicle, even one featuring a low price. The automobiles may have operational issues or could have car loans outstanding that a new buyer would need to assume. If consumers do not conduct the necessary research, they could find themselves spending much more than they intended.

Having bad credit does not mean a car buyer must purchase a vehicle from the roadside. Bad credit car finance may be more expensive than traditional financing but it enables a consumer to buy from a car dealership. This is the safer approach, especially for someone with little cash to spare due to paying off outstanding debts.