Relocating To The U.S. A New Car May Be Waiting

The manufacturer-authorized distributor International AutoSource (IAS) has a factory-authorized vehicle purchase program for expats to the U.S. This program was made possible by the strong relationship of IAS with car manufacturers.

By eliminating a third party, expats can save up to thousands of dollars on their new vehicle car financing or leasing.

Buying a car online often means dealing with a middleman that issues referrals to local car dealership. The IAS program eliminates this party from the equation. It has a no-negotiating price policy that features the lowest prices available within the U.S.

A policy of full disclosure requires that all vehicle options and specifications be detailed on a written price quote and ensures no hidden costs.

IAS offers additional services to expats, including helping those without U.S. credit history locate the best car finance and leasing options. Individuals without a driving history in the U.S. are provided assistance with finding low-cost auto insurance.

These value-added services are things that many local dealerships cannot provide to car buyers, even if the drivers are not relocating from another country.

Another major thing that distinguishes the IAS program from an auto buying service is vehicle price. Car buying services are lead generators for dealers. They locate cars within certain dealer networks and include markups in their pricing structure, designed to provide the dealers and the buying service with profit.

Many of these added charges are undisclosed or even hidden.

Expats who do not have a U.S. credit history often cannot receive car finance assistance from an auto buying service. Even those that can feature a drawback- the financing offered usually comes with a very high interest rate.

A program like the one offered by IAS allows expats to save a substantial amount of money on their vehicle purchase and financing, as well as insurance.