Reg Vardy car finance for people with bad credit

Reg Vardy has been known since quite some time as of the better motor retailers in the UK. However, in the year 2006 the company had been acquired by Pendragon plc. reg vardy car finance picReg Vardy had been engaged in the distribution of vehicle and vehicle parts and it had also provided servicing and repairing services for vehicles.

The company had also provided hiring services for self drive cars. Based out of Sunderland in UK, the company has now been operating as Evans Halshaw post the merger. However, the services that have been offered by the company before the merger are still available to its customers.

Personal contract purchase

Reg Vardy, now Evans Halshaw offers personal contract purchase agreements to its individual clients. This option is suitable for those who are interested in owning their own car but want to pay a low deposit.  There would be an agreement term through which they would have to make regular monthly payments.

The company also offers their service and maintenance services which can be included in the agreement for a fixed price through the term of the agreement. The monthly payments would be fixed and the end of the term, the customer would have the option to purchase the vehicle by making a balloon payment for the residual value, which would be fixed beforehand.

Car Hire purchase with poor credit

One of the car finance options offered by Reg Vardy is their hire purchase program. This car credit program can be applied for by businesses and private individuals. The agreement term is available for up to 60 months period.

This car finance program is especially popular with businesses since it offers quite a lot of benefits. The cars can be shown as an asset in the accounts and interest can be reclaimed. For taxation, the cars can also be written down which is another benefit. There would be a deposit that would have to be paid. All Reg Vardy cars are available on this finance program.

Lease purchase options

Another car credit option available for businesses at Reg Vardy is their lease purchase agreement. This is a an alternative to bank funding where you would be able to make very minimal payments each month so that you would have more free capital which can be used in the business instead. The deposit to be paid at the beginning of the term would be larger and the balloon payment to be made at the end of the term would also be larger for gaining ownership of the vehicles.

Personal contract hire

This program is mainly for private individuals who only want to consider car leasing. The initial deposit to be paid is set to be low and affordable. The monthly payments would be like a rental to be paid for using the car. Maintenance packages can be included in the monthly rent and the car has to be returned to Reg Vardy at the end of the term. You would be able to get a car finance quote from the company instantly for any of the programs that you are interested in.