Reasons To Purchase A New Car Versus A Used One

With the holidays approaching, many people are considering buying a car for a loved one or themselves. An automobile makes an excellent gift but buying one requires making many decisions. One of the biggest is whether to purchase a new or used vehicle. According to industry experts, new vehicles are recommended over their used counterparts, for several reasons.

Auto manufacturers are engaged in heavy competition for business. Terms for car loans and personal contract purchase pcp agreements are currently extremely attractive. Zero percent car finance, rebates, and credits are available. In general, new car finance terms are usually better than those for used vehicles. Holiday car shoppers can get quite a deal on a shiny, new car.

New cars also have safety on their side. They are equipped with the latest safety features like ABS brakes, multiple airbags, and durable body frames. In addition, they have higher fuel efficiency than older cars, reducing operation expenses. Oh, and do not forget all the bells and whistles included with new cars such as GPS navigation, satellite radio, and advanced electronic diagnostic systems.

The standard warranty for a new car is the earlier of three years or a minimum of 60,000 km. Some automakers offer warranties of four or five years and at least 100,000 km. Warranty periods of these lengths are not offered with used cars, unless an extended warranty is purchased. Having a long warranty provides new car owners with peace of mind and ensures a reliable experience.

New cars are lasting longer than ever before, providing drivers with more value. In addition, maintenance costs are lower during the first three years of a car’s life. This selling feature is particularly relevant during current economic times. New vehicle owners are confident they will not face the high repair bills that could come with a used car.