Porsche Expands Get Your Approval For Car Loans Now

German automaker Porsche has traditionally been known as a unique company in terms of both corporate structure and vehicle design. It is slowly transitioning into a mass-production auto manufacturer with a goal of offering the sportiest vehicle in each of its new markets. During the next several years, five models will expand to at least ten, allowing Porsche to compete with the big boys.

Currently, Porsche makes the Cayenne SUV and well-known 911 sports car in addition to a grand touring vehicle named Panamera. The Cayman and Boxster are two small sportsters that complete the current lineup. Soon to come are the Cajun, a small SUV, and several other new models.

The plan to expand is notable, especially considering the automaker’s recent focus on finance.

Porsche has made some financial moves that caught the eye of German regulators. The automaker is alleged to have manipulated share prices and some even describe the company as a hedge fund. These financial goings-on may soon be old news as a long-standing power struggle concludes.

The automaker is poised to become the tenth brand in the Volkswagen (VW) Group.

VW has its sights set on being the largest automaker worldwide in terms of volume. This will require huge profit and sales growth from Porsche. In 2010, the automaker sold 97,000 cars. Sales volume is predicted to double by the year 2018, mainly due to the reverse takeover.

This means more consumers securing car finance to purchase a shiny new Porsche.

VW should be pleased that Porsche is entering the deal with an impressive track record. During the first quarter of 2011, profits prior to interest and taxes more than doubled, securing Porsche the spot as the most profitable carmaker in the world.

While delivering these impressive results, the company was still able to invest extensively in new technologies, adding diesel and hybrid models to its lineup.