Open Top Convertible Cars Becoming A British Trend

Parents, hide the eyes of your children, because more Brits are going topless. No, we are not talking about risqué dressing, we are referring to open-top cars. Sales of these vehicles are current double the volume of 2010, according to ACF Car Finance.

The UK used car retailer believes that the recent stint of warm weather has led many Brits to anticipate a dry and sunshine-filled summer.

After hearing this statistic, one would initially think that younger drivers are rushing to get car loans for topless vehicles. ACF Group Buying Manager Leyton Cooper says this is not the case.

The majority of convertible car buyers are 30 to 45 years old. Adding to the surprise is that more women are buying these vehicles than a traditional fixed-roof automobile.

This erases the impression of an image-conscious young man roaring down the highway with his hair blowing in the wind. Car retailers do not really care who is buying their vehicles as long as someone is.

Mr. Cooper says retailers like ACF can only keep pace with the demand for open-top cars by constantly replacing stock. Though early summer is usually prime selling time for these cars, this year is proving especially lucrative.

According to Mr. Cooper, Vauxhall and Peugeot convertibles are particularly popular. In general, convertible buyers are opting for models with a decent amount of back seat space.

This leads retailers to assume that many of these cars are being purchased for family use. Perhaps as the main family vehicle, since many UK consumers can afford only one car.

Modern convertibles feature much better construction than older models with leaky and drafty conditions. When the top is raised, the vehicle is as well-contained as a fixed top model.

Whether the convertible trend is just due to excitement about warm temperatures remains to be seen, but car retailers are not complaining.