No VAT Car Financing From Mazda For The Holidays

More UK drivers may receive a new Mazda automobile from Santa this year, thanks to a no VAT car finance offer from the automaker. The deal is available for most models in the Mazda lineup and can save consumers up to £4,000.

This extra cash will come in handy this time of year, as heating costs and general price levels are increasing.

Drive-away pricing for a new Mazda now starts at just £8,672. Consumers who register a new Mazda 2, 3, 5, and MX-5 through February 2012 can take advantage of the no VAT deal.

This car finance offer includes zero percent APR for four years with a car deposit of only 30 percent. A special deal is also being offered for the Mazda6 diesel and petrol automobiles. Car loans with zero percent APR and no VAT are available until March 2012.

The no VAT offer was launched in November for the diesel version of the Mazda6. The automaker decided to extend the deal, with Mazda UK spokesperson Peter Allibon stating that now is the perfect time to buy a new Mazda.

By expanding the offer across more of the Mazda lineup, the automaker hopes that more drivers will benefit.

Whether people are looking for a sports car like the two-seat MX-5 roadster or a practical vehicle like the Mazda5, they can now get one free of VAT. Deals like this help more drivers purchase new vehicles, which keeps roadways safer.

Treacherous winter road conditions make safety a top priority for all drivers.

The Finance and Leasing Association reported that approximately 150,000 people financed a new or used vehicle in September 2011. The market value for new car finance increased by 11 percent year-over-year.

Car dealerships offered financing of over £1.1 billion for vehicle purchases during September, helping consumers afford to get on the road.