Nissan Helps Consumers Lower Care Ownership Costs

It costs over 20 percent more to own a vehicle in the UK than it did just one year ago. Automakers are watching costs increase in this and other regions. In an effort to help consumers feel relief, they are providing some valuable offers.

One of these is the three year servicing plan and breakdown coverage offered by Nissan for the 2011 GT-R.

This deal is available to consumers who purchase their GT-Rs through the Nissan personal contract purchase pcp plan, called Preferences. Individuals who select another method of car finance or who already own the 2011 GT-R can purchase the service plan for just £499.

This is a small price to pay compared to the potential cost of servicing the vehicle.

Only the 2011 model year GT-R is covered under this plan. Coverage ends upon the earlier of 27,000 miles or three years. Included in the policy are the routine maintenance performed by a Nissan High Performance Center and the associated fluids, oil, parts, and labor.

Nissan High Performance Centers are the only suppliers of the GT-R and are specially trained to work on Nissan sports cars.

Within the UK, there are 19 of these service centers. This means that most consumers will not need to travel far for routine vehicle maintenance. In addition to the service, RAC breakdown coverage for three years is included.

If their GT-R breaks down, drivers can get immediate assistance from a RAC professional.

RAC members also have access to competitive premiums for car insurance, travel information, and member-only offers like airport parking and hotel discounts. Offers provided to RAC members are worth over £500, adding to the savings a GT-R owner will experience.

RAC provides roadside assistance all day, every day of the year and drivers can continue this service after their free three-year coverage period expires.