Newly Released Car Protection Plans Are A Huge Improvement

A vehicle breakdown is the last thing a car owner wants. Costly repairs are also not desirable, as the cost for car loans is high enough. Until now, vehicle protection plans in the UK were viewed as substandard programs pushed on car buyers.

With the release of two new products, ACF Car Finance and RAC Warranty have put an end to this.

The new Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) and breakdown and maintenance warranty provide drivers with comprehensive protection. Neither coverage will run out when a road claim is submitted. Vehicles up to ten years in age and with up to 100,000 may be covered by the breakdown and maintenance warranty.

The price of £175 for each plan is very competitive, said ACF.

Cost to replace nearly any failed electrical or mechanical component in the vehicle is covered by the warranty. This coverage extends to turbochargers and air conditioning, when applicable. Under the GAP coverage, if the vehicle is written off, the consumer receives payment for the difference between the amount covered by car insurance and the settlement figure issued by the finance provider.

An added bonus of this GAP coverage is protection for add-ons bought when the car was purchased. Examples are a paint protection system and even the vehicle warranty. Richard Cox, motor operations head at ACF parent The Funding Corporation, said that his organization examined the shortfalls often pointed out by customers and, together with RAC, worked to address these issues.

With such a low price, it goes without saying that dealer staff will not receive big incentives to sell these plans. The initial cost serves as full payment for the plans and this coverage is not bundled into the cost of car loans.

Car buyers can now receive more comprehensive protection designed to provide peace of mind over the long term, without overpaying.