New Pay By Phone Program For Car Parking in South Ayrshire

In many town centers, drivers are forced to use the pay and display parking system. This disliked program is being replaced in some areas by the ability to pay for their parking tickets from inside their cars.

A trial of a revolutionary system is being implemented in the three town center car parks in South Ayrshire within southwestern Scotland.

The South Ayrshire Council recently agreed to a trial run of the pay by phone project. Drivers use an automated phone line to register their arrival at the Barns Crescent, Charlotte Street, and Kyle Street car parks.

This involves keying in their registration number and using a debit card or prepaid credit card to pay for parking. Council members believe this new system could change the face of town center parking.

Councillor Peter Convery said the system has been used by other councils, with a positive result. He believes that since the technology exists, it should be fully utilized. Drivers no longer need to trek across a parking lot to a ticket machine during a blustery or rainy day.

They can stay in their warm cars and pay for their parking using a cell phone.

Each time a car arrives at the parking lot, parking attendants receive a text message confirmation. Drivers who are still parked when time runs low receive a reminder text.

They can pay for additional time using their phone. Hunting for change and topping up parking at the ticket machine becomes a distant memory.

Whether residents have car loans or purchase vehicles outright, they are feeling the pain at the gas pump. Though it will not lessen vehicle ownership costs, this new system should make parking a bit more convenient.

Those who have not ditched their autos for bicycles can stay warm and dry while paying or replenishing parking tickets.