New Cars For Car Finance Customers

Two new cars are catching the eye of car buyers: the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 and the Suzuki Swift S-Concept. Residents of the UK may soon be taking out car loans to finance the purchase of one of these. Those who are environmentally conscious will likely opt for the Peugeot Hybrid4, while fans of sporty cars will enjoy the Suzuki Swift S-CONCEPT.

The Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 is the first fully diesel hybrid car in the world. The vehicle includes a two-liter diesel HDi 163 bhp engine and delivers 74.4 mpg. Carbon dioxide emissions are only 99 grams per kilometer. Kinetic energy generated during braking is recovered by a system within the motor and reused to provide acceleration.

Suzuki now has the Swift S-CONCEPT, which features a “more sporty and exciting” motor. Other updates to the standard Swift vehicle include a body that is 30 millimeters lower and 60 millimeters wider. The new model features 18-inch wheels and a rear spoiler designed for “high levels of acceleration and power.” Inside are Recaro Sport styling on the seats and exclusive designs on the instrument cluster and steering wheel.

A new exterior color, Unique Lightning Pearl Yellow, has been added to the offerings for the new Swift. Suzuki reported that this hue “communicates intensity and depth and excitement.” The automaker also revealed its updated Splash vehicle, which will go on sale in the UK later this month, to the delight of customers.

The Peugeot and Suzuki models were revealed at the recent Geneva Motor Show held in Switzerland. Customers can now put their name on the registration list for the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4. Cars in this line begin at £26,600 and will begin being sold in the UK in November of this year. Car buyers who do their research can find bad credit car finance with suitable terms designed to get them into one of these vehicles.