New Car Buyers Turning To The Internet For Purchases

Capgemini and Autotrader report that 46 percent of UK car buyers prefer to purchase their next car online and get home delivery. This is great news for dealerships with an online presence, as well as online car finance companies.

Respondents to the survey stated that when purchasing their next automobile, they want a full-service experience that is fast and convenient.

The respondents want the ability to compare different vehicles and associated prices. They also want to be able to make purchases, arrange car loans, and have cars delivered without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

Whether they are seeking personal contract purchase pcp or bad credit car finance, they want to find it using their computers.

Some people may consider it risky to purchase a car online. For a new car, the risk is reduced due to the manufacturer warranty and the seven to fourteen day cooling off period related to distance selling. New car buyers face little risk that they will be saddled with an unwanted purchase because they can either get the car repaired or return it within the cooling off period.

The Capgemini survey involved 8,000 car finance holders in the UK. In the Autotrader survey, 33 percent of the 5,000 individuals surveyed said they will purchase their next new car online. Results like this have led experts to predict a surge in online car sales.

Some say that over the next decade, more than 400,000 vehicles will be sold online.

Based on this information, it seems that new car buyers are willing to exchange a test drive for convenience. They are also looking for a one-stop shopping experience. Sainsbury Finance research reveals that two-thirds of car buyers have no interest in haggling over prices.

They prefer to compare prices online, without being forced to deal with salespeople.