Mazda Increasing Its Online Car Finance Functionality

Mazda dealers in the UK will soon launch several online tools of an interactive nature. This move is a result of survey findings like the Interactive Media Survey from Mindshare.

With more people saying they are considering online research for new car purchases, Mazda will provide the resources they need.

The automaker is gambling that online car research will actually become more popular. Though 51.1 percent of consumers made an online purchase during 2010, per Mindshare, other research indicates that most people think researching cars online is inconvenient.

Alphera reported that though 52 percent of people “would consider” buying a car and securing car finance online, only four percent said they would definitely do this.

Despite this, the new design for the Mazda public Web site will be released. Dealers are permitted to use the template, which includes sales and marketing tools for customers and themselves.

The new site will feature a used car inventory checker and details about purchasing Mazda accessories and parts. Members of the public will be able to do many functions from home that previously required a trip to a dealer.

According to Kirk Franks, a spokesperson for Alphera, the average person considers the amount of automaker information available online to be a “minefield.”

He believes that Mazda is taking a risk with its new marketing strategy. On the other hand, the Alphera data reveals that the myriad of details drive consumers toward a car dealer, so this approach could pay off in the end.

Data from the Aphera survey also revealed that more than one-quarter of car buyers consider car finance the number one priority during online research.

According to September 2011 study results from Pinehurst Digital, online brokers are winning when it comes to UK car loans. Consumers prefer to get their car finance from a broker operating online than through an automaker.