Mazda Finance Set To Launch In Ireland

Mazda is expanding its presence in Ireland by launching a retail car finance servicing arm called Mazda Finance. Alphera Financial Services has officially been named the retail financing partner for the automaker. Alphera is the multi-brand trading entity of BMW Financial Services. Irish Mazda buyers can begin securing retail car financing through Alphera in 2012.

The goal of Mazda Finance is to offer credit solutions that are individually tailored for new Mazda buyers. The 2012 launch will start with a bang, featuring low APR lending. Car buyers can expect to see a typical APR of 5.9 percent for Mazda 2 and Mazda 3 cars. For a Mazda 5 or 6, the typical rate will be 6.9 percent.

When a 20 percent deposit is placed, monthly repayments will be as low as €267 for buyers eligible for 5.9 percent APR on 48-month car loans on the Mazda 2. Car buyers are also able to finance scheduled maintenance costs over a period of three years. Repayments for this arrangement will be as low as €11.99 monthly. UK residents in the market for a new car should explore these options because they may represent huge savings over other car finance offers.

Mazda Motor Ireland Country Manager Michael Howe said that Mazda dealers are now better able to meet the demand for customer auto financing. With Mazda Finance, the automaker plans to increase market share of its Irish division. Customers will benefit by receiving more competitive rates and lower monthly payments.

Car buyers in need of bad credit car finance should not assume they will not qualify for car loans from Mazda finance. Instead, they should consult with their local Mazda dealer to learn about deals available based on their credit score. The interest rate may be higher but might still be better than what other financing institutions will offer.