Lombard car finance for bad credit

Lombard is a well known finance company and the UK and has been offering car finance options in the country since a long time. lombard car finance pic It offers great auto loans for purchasing new or used cars. Some of the main car credit options offered by the company are:

Personal car loans

The personal car loan offered by Lombard offers you plenty of flexibility since you can purchase new or used cars through the program and you would have the freedom to select any car at all. You would also have the option to purchase the car or not own it at the end of the term, according to the choice.

Lombard has a very quick processing time and offers speedy funds release so that you can have the car of your choice as soon as possible. There are a few auto loans where you would have to make no down payment at all. The terms can be tailored as per your budget and you can also go for a protection plan to minimize your risks.

Car Contract hire

Like almost any other car giant, even Lombard offers contract hire plans.

You would have fixed payments to be made every month and the agreement terms with Lombard are quite flexible.

You would have the option to include maintenance and servicing in your agreement and would not have to worry about asset depreciation since you can return back the car at the end of the term.

Except motor insurance and fuel, everything can be included in one finance package.

Contract vehicle purchase

Contract purchase by Lombard is for those who are interested in purchasing the car at the end of the term. The company offers a guaranteed resale value for the car. There would be a fixed resale value which would take effect when the agreement term ends. At the end of the term you would have the complete ownership of the car.

Finance lease

Among one of the car finance options offered by Lombard is finance lease where the up front costs for you are quite low. You would have rental payments which can be fixed as per the cash flow of your business and variable or fixed options for interest. This option is mainly considered by businesses for tax advantages.

Car Hire purchase

You can go for a hire purchase option if you want total control and ownership of the vehicle. Lombard offers the option of variable or fixed interest on this program and many tax advantages including claiming interests, VAT, capital grants and allowances.

Operating lease

Operating lease offered by Lombard offers you a fixed cost and boost for cash flow since the monthly payments would be low each month. You can get the advantage of off-balance sheet and various tax benefits with this car credit option.