Kilkenny Company Makes Major Progress In Electric Car Movement

Rising fuel prices are causing drivers everywhere to take steps to reduce motoring costs. Electric cars are becoming more popular due to their reduced fuel consumption and related eco-friendly benefits. For these vehicles to become commonplace, a charging network must be established.

A Kilkenny, Ireland-based business just made a huge step in that direction.

ESB e-cars recently awarded a contract to Gaeltec Utilities, Ltd. for the nationwide installation of home charging stations for electric cars. Gaeltec will not only be installing the technology for others to drive these vehicles, it will be using them itself.

The energy and telecommunications company just added an electric car to its commercial fleet. The car was launched by Phil Hogan, Irish Minister for the Environment, Community, and Local Government.

Gaeltec will be responsible for installing up to 2,000 electric vehicle home charging stations in Ireland. Homeowners will be able to fully charge their electric cars overnight using their household electricity supply. ESB is responsible for the nationwide charging infrastructure rollout and will also create a network of fast charge and public charge stations throughout Ireland.

The Irish government established a policy that by 2020, ten percent of all vehicles on the road must be powered by electricity. This creates a huge demand for home charging stations for these cars. It was a major accomplishment for eight year-old Gaeltec to land this high-profile contract.

The company plans to install the charging points at a pace that matches electric car sales.

Companies like ESB and Gaeltec have their eye on a sustainable future. Consumers would be well-advised to follow their lead. Whether they purchase it with car finance or personal contract purchase pcp, Irish residents should consider adding an electric vehicle to the household.

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