Hyundai Offers Free Vehicle Alternative To Popular ix35

Korean automaker Hyundai is providing 200 customers with an alternative vehicle until their desired car is available. These folks are waiting patiently for their diesel 2.0-liter Hyundai ix35 crossover vehicles. During their weight, they will be offered the manual 1.7-liter model of the car.

The automaker will also cover £300 in insurance and car finance fees.

There are long waiting lists for the 2.0-liter diesel version of the Hyundai ix35, resulting from higher demand than anticipated. Hyundai is now allowing customers to immediately acquire the 1.7-liter manual diesel model and keep it until the 2.0-liter model is available.

When their desired car is ready, customers can make the transition, at a price the same as their original order.

This arrangement is available to the 200 customers who have waited the longest. Under the deal, customers must purchase the 1.7-liter model before the end of March. When the 2.0-liter model is available, customers can exchange the 1.7-liter car, paying the difference in price between the two vehicles.

Hyundai will provide each customer with £300 to cover car finance and car insurance costs for covering two vehicles rather than one. 

Should the deal prove popular, Hyundai may offer it to other customers waiting for the 2.0-liter ix35. Though customers may need to negotiate car loans for two vehicles rather than one, it may be worth it. While waiting for the model they want, they will not be inconvenienced by being without an automobile.

Customer satisfaction is at the center of the Hyundai philosophy and the automaker recognizes the inconvenience customers who want the 2.0-liter ix35 are facing. Hyundai continues to look for ways to shorten the wait and hopes that this offer will provide some satisfaction to customers.

From a buyer perspective, immediately receiving the style of car desired, with no extra financial burden, may be acceptable.