How To Test Drive A Car Properly Before Financing It

Many consumers want to test drive new or used cars before purchasing them. Aside from actually driving the vehicle, several other things should be done during the test drive.

By making the visit to the dealer a comprehensive one, consumers can make a smart car purchase. This will prevent any regrets from surfacing once the car is in the driveway.

The test drive should be taken during the day and after driving the car, the consumer should test the vehicle controls to make sure they work. For second hand cars, consumers should check the maintenance log book.

Both the outside and inside of the vehicle should be inspected. If the individual does not feel comfortable inspecting under the hood, he or she should take someone who does.

Prior to visiting dealerships, shoppers should learn how much it would cost to insure and tax the desired cars. Any unaffordable cars can be crossed off the list. Consumers can get the registration number of desired used cars while at the dealership and look online to find out whether it was stolen, was involved in an accident, or has outstanding car finance.

When buying a new car, the consumer should drive the same model as the desired vehicle. Test drives should be done on a variety of roads and locations that permit acceleration and shifting through each gear.

During the drive, consumers should check the indicators and adjust the steering wheel and seat to get comfortable.

The engine should be quiet and not make any strange noises. The brakes should respond well and not vibrate and it should be easy to transition between gears. If the household has children, they should be taken along to ensure the car has enough room for them.

Cars that will be used for shopping or traveling should have enough room trunk room.