High Quality Hatchbacks That Cost Less than £5,000 In The UK

UK drivers love their hatchbacks and major automakers compete for their business. Consumers who only qualify for bad credit car finance are often forced to select a used car. The abundance of Japanese and German hatchbacks retailing for under £5,000 makes it possible to find a reliable late-model version that should provide years of use.

Japan created one of the most flexible and versatile hatchbacks when it made the Honda Jazz. Older models of this family-friendly car are the best deals. The 2003 model year or later includes all the features a driver might want from an automobile. The VW Golf is a popular German hatchback that costs a little more than competitor models but is known for its reliability.

If the Golf is appealing but a Japanese car is sought, try the Mazda 3. A great driving experience combined with fuel efficiency from petrol engine versions make this purchase a pleasure. Ample legroom and decent boot space contribute to vehicle practicality. Whether paying cash or using car finance, compare the Golf and the Mazda 3 to determine the winner.

New drivers will find the Toyota Yaris a great choice. The selling price is reasonable and a five-door Yaris has a good amount of interior space. To get the best from this purchase, select a pre-2006 model with a 1.3 petrol engine. A bit more costly is the VW Polo but it is also more fun. The five-door model is suitable for families and the 1.2 petrol engine provides adequate power.

A BMW is a dream car for many and a 1 Series hatchback that sells for under £5,000 will probably have high mileage. Since BMWs are such well-built and reliable cars, the number of miles should not be a concern. Someone who wants the prestige of driving a BMW should look for one of these hatchbacks.