Hertz To Offer Electric Bike Rentals

In the UK, motorists are taking drastic measures to reduce transportation costs. They are purchasing smaller cars or used vehicles and looking for the best car finance deals available. Hybrid and electric cars are becoming more popular as drivers attempt to reduce fuel expenses.

It seems the bike is also becoming more popular and car rental agency Hertz is taking advantage of this.

Accurate statistics are not available regarding the number of UK residents who have switched from driving cars to riding bikes. Hertz seems to think the figure is significant because it plans to offer electric bicycles as alternatives to conventional automobiles.

Ultra Motor will be the bike supplier, providing the A2B Hybrid and the Fast4Ward bikes.

Initially, these bikes will only be available at London-based Hertz agencies. Each one can reach a speed of approximately 15 miles per hour. Riding range is about 40 miles after which the occupant can manually pedal indefinitely.

Not only is this a fuel-efficient way to travel, it is much more environmentally friendly than a carbon-emitting automobile.

Though these rental bikes are intended only as temporary transportation, Hertz may be on to something. London streets are congested with vehicles that guzzle gas. Drivers may soon think about paying off their car loans, selling their autos, and purchasing a bike to get them around town.

The move would definitely help lower their transportation expenses.

Twelve bikes will initially be available at the Hertz Marble Arch location. For just £20 per day, tourists can explore London on these bikes. Before they begin their journey, they will receive a helmet, bike lock, training, and an AA Leisure Guide to London.

There are no plans to include a GPS device but that could change, as navigating the streets of London without being able to hold a map can be tricky.