Hertz Begins Offering Electric Cars

The car rental company Hertz just expanded its vehicle fleet to include electric cars. The Mitsubishi i-MiEV was recently added to the available inventory and members of the company’s car sharing club, Connect by Hertz, will have the first opportunity to rent the car.

Within the near future, Hertz plans to add a supply of this vehicle to its locations throughout the UK.

Hertz has already established 16 electric vehicle charging stations within London. In addition, Hertz installed a charging station at Heathrow airport as a convenience to its air travel customers. Two cars can simultaneously recharge at each station.

Hertz customers will also be able to use the Source London charging stations that should soon be appearing in the city.

Mitsubishi created the i-MiEV with city driving in mind. The vehicle is based on the Mitsubishi i car and meets the Japanese government strict K-car standards. Within its very compact shell, there is ample interior space for four adult passengers.

This is the perfect car for tourists and business travelers who need to get around the crowded London streets.

Hertz is no stranger to eco-friendly vehicles. It is considered a pioneer within the green car sector. It already offers a wide assortment of gasoline-powered vehicles that feature low CO2 emissions. Outside of England, the rental agency’s electric vehicle program will be included in the Hertz Global Electric Vehicle Program (GEVP) program. Rental customers will soon be zipping around in i-MiEVs throughout the UK.

For those considering buying an i-MiEV, renting one first to try it out is a smart move. Whether they are paying cash or getting car loans, vehicle purchases are substantial financial investments for customers. Renting an electric car is a low-cost, no-obligation way for potential car buyers to see whether they like this type of vehicle.