Here Comes The Fastest Automobile In The UK

If you love feeling the wind in your hair and are willing to wait a bit to complete your car finance application, we have the vehicle for you. Automakers are competing to create the fastest and most powerful production vehicle in Britain.

Right now, Lotus is leading the race, beating out Bentley, McLaren, and Aston Martin.

Lotus Chief Technical Officer Wolf Zimmermann recently spoke of the activity with guests invited to the Lotus headquarters in Hethel, Norfolk. The plan is to create a Superleggera version of the next-generation Lotus Esprit.

This will not be another racecar stripped down for road use. It will be an Esprit through and through, just painstakingly redesigned for speed.

Mr. Zimmerman informed journalists that the car will be “cooler” than the McLaren MP4-12C. He said the vehicle will represent “more emotion” than what drivers have seen so far.

If the standard Esprit projected figures are used as a guideline, the new version should go from zero to 60 mph in under three seconds.

While drivers are zooming down the highway at top speeds of about 212 mph, they may not be worried about the size of the car loans required to own this vehicle. Lotus is just as excited and held the recent gathering to silence critics of its June 2010 New Era Plan.

The plan includes the release of five new autos within the next five years.

At the meeting, the flagship model Elite was confirmed. The Ethos, a city car, will be released to compete with the Cygnet from Aston Martin. Lotus also confirmed its plans to develop the 2+2 Elite, the Elise Evolution, and the four-door Eterne.

Though it may be difficult to get bad credit car finance for one of these Lotus models, that will not stop UK consumers from trying.