Great UK Car Deals For April

Anyone in the market for a new car is in for a treat. UK dealers are offering several excellent deals. Car shoppers might find the car they have been looking for at a price they cannot resist. Cars from Seat, Volkswagen, and Chevrolet are included in the offerings.

Buyers will have car loans totaling far less than they expected.

The automaker Seat recently added a value edition to the Leon and Ibiza lineup, providing both extra features and a price discount. Included in the Copa specification are cruise control, Bluetooth, upgraded wheels, climate control, and automatic wipers.

Seat is offering Copa models of the Leon and Ibiza at reduced prices.

The Ibiza Copa is offered as a three-door SC, five-door, and estate ST. All are based on the SE specification level and feature a 1.2 TDI turbodiesel or 1.4 gas engine. Despite including the additional features, their price tags match those of the SE. A three-door Ibiza SC has a starting price of £11,995 even though it contains extra features worth over £1,000.

Shoppers can choose between S and SE trim lines in the Leon. The S version includes the Copa package and the starting price matches the SE version, in spite of those extra features. In addition, Seat has reduced the sales price of Copa models by £1,000 until the end of June.

A zero percent two-year car finance offer is also in effect.

Carfile is currently offering a large number of new, in-stock Volkswagens at a nine percent discount. For example, a Golf Estate containing a panoramic roof, parking sensors, and a 2.0 TDI turbodiesel engine is discounted by £6,000.

Shoppers looking for an inexpensive estate car can find a new Chevrolet Lancetti at Truro Diesels through CarQuake for around £7,995, which is £5,450 lower than the list price.