Government Will No Longer Fund Police Motor Finance Unit

The British government will no longer provide the Association of Chief Police Officers Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (AVCIS) with funding, effective April 2011. This move is part of governmental budget cuts and may cause some concern with individuals in a personal contract purchase pcp or car finance arrangement.

If their vehicles are stolen and not recovered, they could be responsible for thousands of dollars.

Founded in 2006, the AVCIS combats organized vehicle crime and the practice of using vehicles during a crime. The unit is responsible for detecting the fraudulent use of vehicle registration documents and vehicle cloning. To this end, it works with private companies and agencies. Currently, the UK Home Office funds the AVCIS.

Going forward, the trade group Financing & Leasing Association (FLA) will be the main sponsor of AVCIS. The group is already a sponsor but will now take a more prominent role. Additional private sponsors have come forward, causing economists to predict that AVCIS will remain in operation with full funding for the near future.

AVCIS recovers stolen vehicles that are valued at over £1 million per month. For FLA members alone, the police unit recovered 200 vehicles valued at £3.4 million during the 12 months ending October 2010. AVCIS representative Mark Hooper reported that members of the FLA receive a nearly 7 to 1 return on the investment they make in the unit.

Mr. Hooper said AVCIS is disappointed that the British government will no longer provide funding. However, he does not believe that this move will affect the activities of AVCIS. According to recent press reports, fraud cases regarding car loans are on the rise, with identity theft being the most common.

Felons steal auto loan customer identities and use these to get financing for vehicles used in illegal activities or for individuals who do not qualify for car finance.