Ford Wins Customer Service Awards In UK

UK residents with Ford car finance can rest assured that they will receive excellent treatment at many local Ford service centers. As part of the annual Motor Codes Golden Garages contest, at least seven Ford service centers were included in the top 50 in terms of excellent customer support.

This contest ran for six weeks and was divided into regions.

The service centers within the top 50 included Dagenham Motors in Bookham and Epsom, Lindsay Ford located in Bangor, and Polar Ford centers in Wakefield, Hazel Grove, Barnsley, and Runcorn. In the contest regions where Ford service centers are located, Ford centers represented an average of 25 percent of the nominations.

Whether consumers have personal contract purchase pcp or bad credit car finance, they should have a pleasant car service experience at these locations.

Ford Retail Customer Relations Director John Leathern commented that having seven centers in the top 50 out of approximately 6,500 UK auto service centers is commendable. It illustrates the emphasis Ford places on providing outstanding customer service.

UK auto owners can now visit the Golden Garages Web site to view the top 50 list and vote for the number one spot in each region.

After the regional winners are determined, a panel will select the top service center. Mike Brewer, a UK television personality, and What Car? Editor Steve Fowler are among the panel members. Being named the top service center shows that the car ownership experience extends beyond securing car finance.

Anyone who has used a UK service center is encouraged to vote for the favorite location. The results of contests like this help fellow UK residents determine where to go when their cars need servicing. Customers who receive excellent service are more likely to visit to the related dealership when a new vehicle and relevant car finance are needed.