Ford EcoBoost Cars Receive An Addition

Ford Motor Company has developed four and six-cylinder gas engine vehicles that are both direct injected and turbocharged. Called EcoBoost, these are designed to deliver torque and power that are consistent with larger displacement engines. Compared to the larger versions, fuel efficiency is improved by 20 percent and greenhouse gas emissions are 15 percent lower.

Engine sizes currently range from 1.6 to 3.5 liters. The automaker recently announced that a one-liter, three-cylinder engine will join the EcoBoost line. Car buyers in Europe will initially be able to select from either a 100 or 120PS EcoBoost engine when purchasing the Ford Focus. The 100 will have a five-speed gearbox and the 120 will feature a six-speed gearbox.

This engine, which is the smallest in the Ford lineup, will later be released in North American and Chinese markets. Do not be fooled by its tiny size because it gives the current 1.6 liter gas engine a run for its money, while reducing emissions to 120 grams per kilometer. Developed at the Ford technical center in Dunton, it features a high-speed turbocharger designed to easily handle speeds reaching 250,000rpm. The 170Nm peak torque is also quite impressive.

When designing this engine, Ford also wanted to deliver performance that was smooth and refined. An interesting innovation met the goal of refinement: using oil to cover the two main engine drive belts. The oil coating causes the engine be not only quieter but also more efficient than comparable versions.

Car finance is not yet available for vehicles containing the new engine because these models will not reach showrooms until 2012. In the meantime, prospective car buyers can learn more about Ford EcoBoost and take steps to improve their credit. Though interest rates for car loans should still be low next year, it never hurts to raise the credit score.