First BMW Hybrid Planned For UK Market

BMW plans to introduce its first hybrid car for the UK market and the automaker recently released some details about the vehicle. The 5-series ActiveHybrid5 will feature a three-liter, 302bhp internal combustion engine and a 53bhp electric motor. Car loans and other car finance options will not be available until the automobile arrives in UK showroom floors in February 2012.

Top speed of the car will be electronically limited at 155mph. The auto can accelerate from zero to 62mph in just 5.9 seconds. The CO2 emission levels for this vehicle fall in the acceptable range, coming in at 149g/km. The ActiveHybrid5 gets about 44.1 miles per gallon of fuel, an improvement from many vehicles on roadways today.

Standard equipment includes a professional multimedia satellite navigation system. This device can read road conditions ahead and adjust onboard power settings to accommodate them. If a steep hill is within its line of site, additional energy will be stored in the battery to assist the engine when necessary. This improves the efficiency of this hybrid vehicle.

In full electric mode, the car will only travel about 2.4 miles at a speed under 37 miles per hour. It is not intended to be used as a completely electric vehicle. However, when in its electric mode, BMW says the car can achieve up to 100mph speeds. Observers may not be able to distinguish it from other BMW 5-series cars because the grill, C-pillar, and doorsill badge and matte chrome exhausts are the only differences.

Whether they qualify for good or bad credit car finance, new car buyers may want to look into the BMW ActiveHybrid5. Driving a hybrid car is a good move for the environment and a BMW is always stylish. Being able to reduce costs at the fuel pump due to more efficient fuel consumption is a great thing.