European Electric Vehicle Conference Scheduled

To get a vehicle, many people must resort to car loans. For the average household in the UK, the installment payment for this loan represents a significant portion of the monthly budget. Fuel is another major cost of vehicle ownership.

As oil prices climb past $100 per barrel, car owners hold their breaths.

Financial relief may come from the electric vehicle industry. Electric cars seem to be a viable alternative to the carbon-emitting, gas-chugging road hogs we drive today. This new industry is currently characterized by many parties scrambling to participate and little planning, which is unfortunate.

Even manufacturers of carports are trying to cash in on electric cars, creating solar carports that recharge vehicle batteries overnight.

In a move to organize this sector, a European conference regarding electric automobiles has been planned. The European Electric Vehicle Congress will be held in Brussels on October 26. The European Association of Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (AVERE) Secretary Frederic Vergels is organizing the event.

A main goal of this conference is to create a road map for the future of the electric vehicle sector. Industry stakeholder needs will be a topic of conversation as will the right of the public to receive affordable transportation that does not endanger its health.

Detailed discussion will also take place about how alternative technologies affect the environment.

One group that seems to be particularly welcoming of electric vehicles is comprised of North Eastern UK car buyers. Five percent of those surveyed stated they would consider purchasing an electric car, compared to just two percent in the rest of the country.

The large number of electric vehicle charging stations located in this geographic area may have something to do with the interest. Beginning in 2013, the electric Nissan LEAF will begin being manufactured in the North Eastern UK.