Environmentally Conscious Car Buyers Have Much To Celebrate

UK drivers who are environmentally conscious will be pleased to learn about several new vehicles. The upcoming CX5 will be the greenest automobile that Mazda has ever made. It will also be the lowest-emitting SUV available, with CO2 emissions of just 120g/km on the front-wheel drive diesel version featuring a manual gearbox.

Just slightly smaller than the Mazda CX-7, the CX5 will be the new competition for the Land Rover Freelander. Eco-friendly SkyActiv technology will finally come to market and work its magic with emission levels. The Mazda Minagi concept car inspired the styling of the CX5. Insiders report that Mazda was able to retain the clean lines from the Minagi when it created the CX5.

The CX5 will also serve another important role, which is highlighting the Mazda KODO design policy. This program is designed to provide Mazda with a new image that is more businesslike. According to leaders at the auto manufacturer, this new style will be prevalent within the interior of the car. Anyone who enjoys buttons and gadgets will have a delightful time in this vehicle.

A selection of new engines, each featuring SkyActiv technology, will be available. These include a two-liter petrol version as well as a 2.2-litre diesel engine with two power outputs. Cash and car finance will go toward greening the environment the most when the manual, front-wheel drive output is selected.

The recent eco-rally in Oxford illustrated that Mazda is not the only automaker thinking green. Vehicles showcased at the event include an electric car that requires only a ten-minute charge to run 200 miles and a sports car fueled by a combination of wine and cheese. These ideas are quite creative but many of us would rather keep the wine and cheese for ourselves and drive a bio-bug vehicle powered by sewage gasses.