Environment Agency Receives Its First Totally Electric Car

On Monday, the Environment Agency took delivery of the first totally electric vehicle, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV. This event took place during Climate Change Week, a time for individuals and businesses to demonstrate what they can do to reduce carbon emissions.

The Environment Agency is focusing on reducing its own carbon footprint as it fights against climate change elsewhere.

The vehicle has been contract hired from Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions and is viewed as an exciting development for the agency. Environment Agency staff will drive the i-MiEV during their normal daily work. Environment

Manager John Orr plans to further explore the car’s potential and obtain feedback from staff as they drive the vehicle.

The i-MiEV has the lowest price tag for a mass produced pure electric vehicle sold in the UK. Consumers can take advantage of contract hire and car finance packages for this low ownership cost vehicle. In addition to these benefits, the car is a friend to the environment, making it an excellent choice for car buyers.

Driving the car for 12,000 miles will incur a fuel cost of just £270, which is lowered to £135 if an Economy 7 tariff is used. While the average internal combustion engine on a car has more than 300 working parts, the i-MiEV has only four, reducing the maintenance expenses and downtime.

The vehicle is also exempt from road tax and London Congestion Charge. When i-MiEVs are purchased as fleet vehicles, there are first year capital allowances and no benefit-in-kind organization car tax.

This vehicle also has a strong residual value, which should prove attractive to car buyers. CAP, an independent advisor, predicts the car will retain 43 percent of its post-incentive value after three years of ownership and 30,000 miles.

Safety is another key feature, with the i-MiEV receiving four-stars from NCAP under its new protocols.