Electric Scooter Being Developed By BMW

According to AA, UK motorists are choosing more fuel-efficient vehicles, driving their cars less, and reducing automobile-related expenses in any other way possible. Some are even choosing motorbikes or bicycles over cars in an attempt to save gas.

Before they apply for motorbike or car loans, they should learn more about what BMW has in the works.

The high-end automaker is developing an electric scooter. Right now, the project is in the concept stage but the company is taking it seriously. It is highly likely that we will see an electric BMW scooter on UK roadways in the coming years.

For many drivers, this would be a welcome change from the gas-guzzling, polluting automobiles they drive today.

This all-electric scooter is aptly named the BMW E-Scooter. There are already electric scooters on the road but these have subpar performance. BMW says its scooter will have a range of close to 100 kilometers and a maximum speed that exceeds 60 kilometers per hour.

The German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development is funding this project.

Hills and passing should be no problem for the BMW E-Scooter, says the German automaker. Vehicle battery recharging can be done through a residential power outlet. Unlike a traditional scooter, the E-Scooter does not contain a main frame.

The function is performed by the aluminum battery casing. The casing also houses an electronic system for monitoring the battery cell. Drivers can quickly assess the status of the battery and give it a recharge.

With vehicles like this one, car finance may take a back seat to scooter financing. Electric vehicles are good for consumers because they eliminate fuel costs and use less expensive electricity.

They are good for the environment because they do not emit carbon dioxide that is harmful to the atmosphere. Though scooters may not be suitable for highway driving, they are ideal for getting around town.