Electric Car Batteries Undergoing Major Design Changes

In the U.S., MIT researchers are taking a revolutionary approach to car battery design. The result could be an inexpensive and lightweight battery for an electric car. A cheaper battery should equate to a less expensive vehicle, which means lower priced car loans for many UK car buyers.

The technology may even make it quicker and easier to recharge an electric car than to fill a conventional vehicle gas tank.

The innovative design of the battery is comprised of a semi-solid flow cell. Solid particles are suspended in a liquid electrolyte carrier and are pumped through the vehicle system. These solid particles are actually the active parts of the battery, the cathodes and anodes. Students and professors at MIT conducted the study and have already published their findings in the Journal of Advanced Energy Materials.

Using the new design, electric car manufacturers can cut battery system size and production costs in half. The researchers believe that this may make electric cars price-competitive with conventional autos. Another advantage is that the battery can be refueled by draining the slurry and replacing it with fresh liquid that is fully charged.

The tanks could be swapped, as an alternative solution.

Whether they use car finance or personal contract purchase pcp, car buyers should embrace this development. It means they can be environmentally conscious by driving an electric car, without having to pay more money for it. If the research comes to fruition, this could forever change the auto industry.

Electric cars are becoming more popular because they eliminate the need for expensive gasoline when running a vehicle. With a lighter battery, electric autos should be more streamlined. A lower price tag and faster charge time may allow these cars to find a wider audience in the UK and throughout the world, enabling electric vehicles to become a new standard.