eBay car finance with bad credit

eBay is known to be the biggest marketplace today online. It offers an opportunity to its buyers to purchase almost anything that they think of,from the daily necessity programs to the whimsical and whacky items. eBay car finance pic

Though many of you might not have considered this option, eBay is also a great place to purchase new and used cars in UK. There are quite a lot of people that sell their cars on the website and like with the other items, you would be able to bid on it and purchase it.

Car finance options on eBay

There is a financing centre on eBay which provides car finance options to those who want to arrange for auto loans for the cars they purchase on their website. eBay provides the buyers an access to some of the leading lenders and finance companies in the UK through which it provides car credit of various types for all kinds of cars.

How does the car finance centre work?

The finance centre works in a very simple way. In fact, the process is much similar to the one you would find on Autotrader or on Money Supermarket. Once you have selected the car that you want to purchase, you would just have to fill in a short form and provide basic information like your name, address, the kind of car that you are planning to purchase and the amount that you wish to borrow. Once you submit the information, you would be given various car finance quotes from different lenders.

You would be directed to the website of the appropriate lender where you would have to fill in a car credit application. From there on, the application would be processed by the lender and you would be provided a decision within a short period of time.

Features of the car finance options available on eBay

When you purchase a car on eBay and apply for car credit, the credit options would be provided by Banco Santander as well as RoadLoans.com. The auto loans are provided for new cars as well as used cars. The lowest available APR for new cars is 4.64% and for used cars it is 4.74%.

Some of the main features of car credit with eBay is that the auto loans are offered to customers with good credit as well as those with bad credit history. The decision for the loan would be provided instantly so that you can purchase the car the same day.

The online application to be filled is quite short and easy. You can apply for the loan and get approved even if your bid has not yet been selected. The rates offered by eBay are quite competitive and with good credit and a good financial history, you would be able to get some of the lowest rates in the market currently.