Drunk Driving Will Cost You In Car Insurance Premiums

Drivers who drink during the holidays may find it more difficult to pay their car loans. If they are pulled over for drunk driving, they face a substantial increase in their car insurance premium.

With more of their income going toward insurance, it may be harder to afford the monthly car loan payment. Not only is this situation embarrassing, it can also lead to financial problems.

According to MoneySupermarket, a DR10 penalty on the driver license can increase auto insurance premiums from an average of £424 annually to a whopping £784.

Though this 85 percent increase seems quite painful, some convicted drivers may have it worse. The may be unable to obtain any car insurance in the future. This strengthens the argument for leaving the car at home when planning a night of alcohol consumption.

MoneySupermarket representative Peter Harrison noted that since alcohol affects everyone differently, it is best for those driving not to drink at all.

In no circumstances should driving under the influence of alcohol be an option, he said. Mr. Harrison encouraged vehicle owners to make alternate travel arrangements before going out for a rousing night of merrymaking, regardless of the time of year.

The legal blood alcohol limit is 35mg of alcohol per 100ml of breath and 80mg per 100ml of blood. However, DrinkAware echoed that drinking at all while driving is unwise.

Aside from the increased chance of receiving a citation and facing higher car insurance rates, intoxicated drivers pose harm to themselves and others on the road.

Drivers who find themselves facing increased car insurance premiums for any reason should shop around for coverage. With a drunk driving citation on their record, a person is not likely to be welcomed by many insurance carriers.

Other drivers may find themselves in a better situation, able to save some money on insurance coverage.